Indulás: 2007-01-11
Necrovore 2.

Nowadays you are being in HOD, what about this act and the line up? How did you hook up with each other? What about the musical past of the other members?

After leaving Thornspawn, I went back and really started to get things going with Jon again. We were going to do a studio only full length of all the old material. Jon also wanted to do new material. I said sure, but only as a studio thing as at that point, neither of our schedules would an actual band be able to be done. As we were relearning the old stuff. We were writing. Everytime we had something, we would take a break or so for a few weeks because of our schedules, and when we would get back together. Jon would no longer like any of the stuff we did write. This went on for a couple of years and I eventually started getting frustrated at the immense amount of wasted music and time.

There is a guy(Joe) who works at a guitar store here in San Antonio that has a punk band called The Cutthroats where Necron is bassist for.  Joe and I would shoot the shit on Saturday afternoons in the store and he eventually broached the Thornspawn subject, as most thought I was pissed off when I left. I had told him that I no longer spoke to any of those guys and he kept on prodding that I should contact Carl(Necron). So I eventually did and Carl and I started getting together to jam out on guitar. Just two guys goofing off and doing something inbetween Necrovore and Thornspawn. It eventually developed into real music and once we had 4 or so songs we figured maybe we find a drummer to play drums on it and demo it. I hooked up with Dennis who plays drums waiting in line at a Dark Funeral show. He agreed to give it a go as he usually played grind type deathmetal.

Carl knew Beer from the local go to metal record store Hogwild and had seen him play in his band Pillcrusher as the vocalist. Carl liked the way he would front those bands and liked his vocals and thought it would be a perfect match. Since we would be practicing at Beer's pad who he shares with Derek, who is in Satan's Goat with Beer, we asked if he would mind putting down guitar and picking up bass for this project. He agreed and learned the material we had already written and we just moved forward from there.

As far as pedigrees go, You now know mine, Carl was in Thornspawn. Beer is still in Pillcrusher, and Rancid Vat as the Texas Stud. He is also in Satan's Goat with Derek(I forgot their monikers for that band). Satan's Goat is primitive porno black metal. Derek has also played in the punk band Shit, and was in one of the many live bands for GG Allin. Dennis has played drums for Mortality, Exulcerate, and Martyred. They are all full time Hod members though.


Do you consider HOD a project or a full time band?

Carl and I both work on Hod as a full time gig.


Last year you released the threetracker „Cry and piss yourself”, can you tell us details on this demo? How would you describe it musically?

The three songs on the demo are in order Nine Days, which is about Albert Fish, Demoralizer, which ponders violent mysogyny, from the male perspective. God of Darkness and Winter which is a take on Hodr of Norse mythology, post Ragnarok. Musically it is what we all as a band would want to hear and go see live. Just straight up extreme metal.


When do you start recording your first full length material? Do you already have some new material written?

We already have music enough for a full length, and possibly a little more as our songs tend to run in the 5-8 minute mark. The demo clocks in at about 17 minutes or so and is only 3 songs. We are planning on starting to enter the studio around the end of March at Isotope studio where we recorded the demo.


Necrovore were awoken after a many years of dormant darkness, and were recording an entire album of pre-existing 80s material, including the four songs from your only demo (which also includes the song „Slaughtered Remains”), respectively you also planned to record an album of completely new material, but it never realized, why?

I asked myself the same question. I eventually gave up on asking and concentrated on Hod. It is much more constructive for me.


How do you feel when you see that there’s still people who really understood how great Necrovore was and who still enjoy your music after all those years? Do you think that your music has passed the test of time?

It humbles me to have been a part of a band that has touched so many people. It amazes me to still hear that from people. As far as the second part of the question, yeah I suppose it has looking at the first part of this question.


Do you still often meet Texas thrash musicians? Unfortunately Eric Roy of Gammacide and Steve Cooper of S. A. Slayer passed away…

I see Bob Catlin of SA Slayer at least a couple times a month as he works at Krazy Kat Music here in San Antonio. It is the same place that Joe of the Cutthroats works at. I see JJJJJJJ Jason McMaster of Watchtower and Dangerous Toys a few times a year when I go up to Austin, and run into Texas thrashers every so often. I caught up with Jerry garcia of Hellpreacher a few years ago.


What do you think about the Texas Metal Underground website?

I think it is a valuable resource on the past and present of Texan Metal. There are some bands listed on it that I never even heard of back in the day and now wish I did.


Do you still follow what’s going on in the metal scene these days? Would you say that it’s having so many outfits around sounding more or less all the same instead of trying to come up with different, original ideas like it was back then when you could distinguish most of the bands?

I only follow a little bit of whats going on. Seems like a huge soap opera at times. I just try to concentrate on the music that I am working on. Yes there is a huge over saturation of music and you have to weed out so much stuff these days. I have come across a lot of really good stuff though. It is still quite fun. I just try to make music that I would like to listen to 20 years from now. If more did that instead of trying to outdo each other, there might be a little more originality.


Bjorn, thanks a lot for this feature, anything else to mention what I forgot to cover?

No, I think you covered pretty much everything that needed to be said. The demo will be able to be purchased soon from, and our full length will be released later this year on Ibex Moon Records. Thanks for the interview and asking involved questions. You can contact me regarding Hod information at Our official website will be up shortly, but for other information and upcoming shows can be found temporarily at Keep the Metal running through your veins.


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